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Ad of the Week: Nymphomaniac Posters


Posted by Eliza Williams, 11 October 2013, 11:25    Permalink    Comments (14)

Lars von Trier knows how to attact the attention of the media. And he's done it in style this week, with the release, via the internet, of a set of posters for his forthcoming movie Nymphomaniac, which picture a number of A list stars lost in the heat of the moment. The 14 posters are CR's Ad of the Week.

Now, before you all run to the comments box, we know the 'orgasm face' ad has been done before. Frank Budgen shot a series of ads for Coco de Mer featuring ordinary folks on the brink of climax back in 2001, and Trojan also worked the style in 2004. And, as we noted in a blog post from 2009, gaming companies such as Sony have also run ads featuring close-up shots of people's 'game faces', which are remarkably similar (make of that what you will). And before any of those, came (sorry) the book Headshots by Aura Rosenberg. However, there is something about seeing the expressions of famous stars in the throes that make these posters leap out. I've put all 14 posters below, but they include actors Jamie Bell (above - what would Billy say?), Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe, Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg, among others.

The simple text and full bleed character photos are also reminiscent of the classic poster campaign for Trainspotting too. But despite these similiarities, this online launch of the images has got everyone talking about the film, which isn't even due to be released worldwide until next year. In a week where we've seen film companies use elaborate pranks for the promotion of new movies, it's nice to see that a good old poster campaign can still do its job. Now, enough chatting, here are those pics...


christ - Udo Kier looks like i feel most mornings ... but without the happiness ... or the sex ...
tim sinclair
2013-10-11 12:20:29

Ha ha, yes Kier's not put quite as much effort into it as some of the others - I wonder if Stellan Skarsgard regrets his choice of pose?! Quite an horrific site!
The slightly vain 6-pack flexing some of the gents are doing makes them look more like they're constipated.
But yes, a great, eye-catching idea.
Nicholas Maroussas
2013-10-11 14:05:16

Just saying...
Nathan Perkins
2013-10-11 14:12:39

Sex sells, since — before you knew of numbers.
2013-10-11 14:24:17

More constipated than coming I venture to suggest....
Leon Broome
2013-10-11 14:30:57

What are you saying, Nathan?
Nicholas Maroussas
2013-10-11 14:58:31

All ears Nathan?
2013-10-11 21:20:10

I would imagin most of the actors were mortified when the marketing team came up with that one. So, if you can just pop your cloths off and imagin your just about to come and then I'm going to take a picture. We'll make sure yonr parents are on the mailing list. Maybe we can frame it and send it to them for Christmas. Sex will sell absolutely anything and I mean anything.
Stephen Gaull
2013-10-11 23:09:55

Udo is doing his "taking it in the ass" face.
2013-10-12 11:00:40

@Stephen Gaull, I think judging from the nature of the film and Von Treir's previous work, they expected it. sex sells especially when the film's subject matter is sex.

I think it's a strong and well shot campaign, The wit in the title graphic is nice too and something you often don't see in film graphics.
2013-10-14 09:04:54

Reminds me a little of Robbie Cooper's work of people zoning out playing video games /watching porn etc
2013-10-14 12:03:39

2013-10-14 14:32:22

I looked up those old Coco de Mer ads and the reference brought up a CR blog about the same idea being used everywhere!
2013-10-15 15:01:00

Yes it's been done. But this is great. Both funny and weirdly sexy on some of the posters. Does it for me.

Lars is a great director. And original voice. A very hard thing to be these days.

Respect is due. And the posters will look fantastic in the street.

Context is everything. Not originality.
2013-10-15 20:37:50

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