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Build your own gaming console


Posted by Creative Review, 16 October 2013, 18:25    Permalink    Comments (1)

With the DIY Gamer Kit, the latest product from the brilliantly named Technology Will Save Us, you can build your own games console, learning prototyping and programming skills along the way



"What could be more awesome than designing, building and programming your own games on a games console you built?" ask Technology Will Save Us. While it may not have all the gaming ooomph of a Playstation or an xbox, their DIY Gamer Kit provides something more - a means to learn some of those much in-demand coding and electronics skills while having fun.

The device uses an Arduino controller and comes with two games designed by 15 year-old Finnbar Keating. TWSU claim that the kit will develop the following skills:

Physical Electronic Skills
Understanding of how the sensors work with a microcontroller.
How to solder
Programming with Arduino
Prototyping Skills
Creative computing skills
Game Mechanics

The DIY Gamer Kit is available here. Other TWSU kits include one to build your own synthesizer and Electro-Dough, with which you can build interactive sculptures

1 Comment

I have created some games for DIY Gamer Kit, you can download them here: (german site, perhaps translate :p )
2014-01-20 14:19:36

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