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Walk the streets with Patternity tights

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Posted by Creative Review, 16 October 2013, 10:12    Permalink    Comments (1)

Photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham, aka Patternity, have created a hosiery range for Pretty Polly using graphic patterns found in our urban landcapes

Murray and Winteringham set up Patternity in London in 2009 with a mission to "use pattern as a tool to inspire,  explore and innovate". The project started out as an online archive of images of patterns but has now grown to encompass a creative studio, research and events.


The Pretty Polly tie-up follows a range which Patternity produced for Selfridges in 2011. There are three designs - Bricking It, Tower Block and Shapeshifter - with the overall range taking the name Streetshapes.


The tights will cost £12 per pair and be available from retailers including ASOS, Topshop and Uran Outfitters in the UK and Bloomingdales in the US as well as online from Pretty Polly.

1 Comment

hahaha, how cool is that...and weird!!!
2013-10-18 08:09:28

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