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For the Players: the PlayStation story

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Posted by Creative Review, 21 October 2013, 13:02    Permalink    Comments (9)

The story of the Sony PlayStation, from 1995 to the present, is told in a clever new film revolving around the changing lives (and bedroom) of one gamer and his friends

For the Players SInce 1995 is full of clever litle details to mark the passage of time, from the changing posters on protagonist Daniel's wall, to the music, the changing fashions, London skyline and, of course, the console he uses. The production team even got Domino's to supply pizza boxes from each era. And, as a commenter on YouTube points out, it even switches from a 4:3 screen ratio during the PS1 era to 16:9 when´╗┐ the PS2 era begins. Nice.


A 'making of' is promised for tomorrow - we will update when we have it.

Client (Brand)/Artist: Sony Computer Entertainment UK
Agency: Drum
Agency Producer: Ali Terrell (Drum)
Creative Director: Ben Kerr (Drum)
Director: Will Smith & Adam Wells
Production Company: gotgotneed, London
Producer: Grant Branton


Still lives with his mum though, doesn't he? Because of all that money and power, visible from the window.
2013-10-21 14:01:34

Playstation generation - can't get a job, still lives with their parents.
2013-10-21 14:24:22

very nice! but Christ, the PS3 is the ugliest console ever - who designed it? Helen Keller?
tim sinclair
2013-10-21 15:25:08

This is great!!! What fun this must have been to work on. Good memories.

Can anyone work out where he lives from the skyline? It was bugging me.
2013-10-21 16:52:09

So the ladies can chill and watch, but they can't play. I know it's about the best mates, but come on.
2013-10-21 21:03:18

Charlie it's south London. My guess is somewhere around Elephant and Castle or Oval.
2013-10-22 11:38:50

john lewis did it better. This is soooo long and soooo boring.

Really? It's been around forever and you've made many models and they've all been part of "Good times"?

Is that the idea?

Feels like they just filmed the brief and by-passed any creative thinking.

2013-10-22 12:15:00

^ See Angus has discovered the Return button...
2013-10-22 14:44:32

I never felt lonely in my flat when my Plays station was there..
It cools me, my mind, used to play whenever struck in a tough task...
and the video is okay...
reminded me of Tekken but Fifa is my all time favorite..
Gabriella Janet
2013-10-28 11:03:42

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