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365 days of the V&A

Posted by Rachael Steven, 13 September 2013, 15:17    Permalink    Comments (2)

Blanka and Print Process founder Mark Blamire has designed a 2014 wall planner for the V&A museum featuring an illustration for each day of the year.

Blamire's planner took 150 hours to design and is inspired by a 1960's Braun ad (below). Illustrations are based on objects in the museum's collection and particular dates.

“I was commissioned by the V&A about three months ago. My initial thoughts were that all wall planners are very mundane, dull objects, so I suggested turning it into a more decorative print that people could hang in their homes and have pleasure looking at, but that would still preserve the functionality of a calendar. This approach also incorporated the arts and crafts elements and better represented the very nature of the museum itself,” he explains.

The design started out as a random pattern, "but as I became more obsessed with the detail and researched further, specific objects came up which related to specific dates, so the design was jigged around to be more relevant, and then we went back and found other objects to fit certain dates," he says. "We also used an object to span two boxes for every Saturday and Sunday rather than using a graphic box or an alternative device to designate a weekend,” he adds.

A series of popular culture quotes and references to the museum and its collection also appear on the A1 print. “Being a graphic designer rather than an illustrator, I wanted to include an element of typography. There are some objects or themes which you just can't draw, so we used quotes. It also began with me making notes for myself on the print to draw an object as ideas popped into my head, and then it became incorporated into the final visual structure,” says Blamire.

While Blamire was responsible for the overall design, he also enlisted help from the following designers and companies: Margaret Calvert, Jock Kinneir, Gerry Barney, Peter Crawley, Vitra, Stephen Cheetham, Melissa Price, Tim George, Albert Exergian, Nathan Gale, John Taylor, Mark Boyce, Rob O’ Connor, Tony Brook, LegoTM, Mike Joyce, Mark Bloom, Robert Ball, Rian Hughes, Matt Booth, Rick Banks, Richard Robinson, Gregory Gilbert, Lodge, Maddison Graphic, Stefan Gandl, DisneyTM, Transport for London and Iain Follett.

The planner costs £35 and will be available to buy at the V&A shop from September 14.


Wonderful Planner. Tops to M.Blamire for putting it together. Great piece of design.
2013-09-15 21:05:03

Thought it was the Build / Objectified jobby for a moment. Looks good, though.
2013-09-17 10:30:43

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