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Posted by Creative Review, 25 April 2014, 10:52    Permalink    Comments (0)

Ever wondered how awards are made? Those lucky enough to win Best in Book in CR's Annual each receive a rather handsome typographic trophy. Here's how they are made by the good people at Berry Place

Arrows, Lions, pencils - win a creative award and you coud be the proud owner of all manner of interestingly-shaped objets d'art.

The creators of the outstanding work selected for the Creative Review Annual each year take home one of our Best in Book trophies There were ten projects which received this accolade this year (see here for details). The trophies are made for us by Berry Place and take the form of the capital A from the Dala Floda typeface used in our logo. This film explains the process


Here are Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson with their Best in Book trophy for the Better A&E project (which we wrote about here), which they icked up at our Annual launch party at Village Underground


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