Ten illustrated posters for The Double up for grabs

With the film opening in the UK today, we have ten copies of Empire Design’s fantastic illustrated poster for The Double to give away (detail shown, above). Click through to see how you can win one

With the film opening in the UK today, we have ten copies of Empire Design‘s fantastic illustrated poster for The Double to give away (detail shown, above). Click through to see how you can win one…

This competition is now closed. For the list of the ten winning entries, please see the bottom of the post. Well done to all the winners.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mia Wasikowska, the Double is based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel of the same name and follows the story of a rather awkward fellow (Eisenberg), driven to despair after his life is usurped by someone who looks exactly like him, but is his behavioural opposite.

In our post about the eye-catching new photographic posters created for the film, Empire say that the illustrated version (above) was inspired by one created for Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps which also features bold 3D type.

In keeping with the darkness and claustrophobic atmosphere of the photographic versions, the illustrated cityscape is lit solely by a spotlight shining on a lone protagonist. Empire art director John Calvert worked on the poster with illustrator Warren Holder – the full version is shown below.

And we have ten copies of the illustrated poster to give away, courtesy of StudioCanal.

To win one all you have to do is come up with a suitable title for a film of any genre starring a designer, or with design as its subject. Puns are more than welcomed. The Kern of the Screw, Dr Embargo, or even The Man With the Golden Swatch, for example, could easily be ones you might not want to use.

And, really, we know you can do much better.

So leave your film title suggestions in the comments below, along with your name and email address, and we’ll pick our top five and annouce the winners next week. The deadline for entries is 10am GMT on Monday April 7.

The Double is in UK cinemas today. See more of Empire’s work here.

Thank you for all your entries. We have now picked our ten winners! They are…

A Clockwork 165C

The 10 ⌘ments
Russell Reid

There Will Be Bleed

Less’is Moreables

Who’s Afraid of Wolff Olins?

Jpeg-gy Sue Got Married
dougie Scott

Let The Range Right One In

Midnight QuarkXPress

Death Proofs
Rich W

2001: A White Space Odyssey
Al Kinley


If yours is one of the above winning entries which was submitted without an email address – Victor, doof, Tom, Jeff and Murray – please repost a comment including that information and we can check that the IP address is the same (please use the same device to comment as you did before). For everyone else, we will be in touch!

  • DP


  • The Colour 520

  • The Terminal.


  • Gerard


  • Nick Byble

    Dial M for Mask.

  • pantone 300 ( r0 g114 b198 #0072C6 )

  • Mark

    Full Dust Jacket
    Pitch (Hitch)
    There Will Bloody Client Interference
    Type Runner

  • Jamie

    Pixel Perfect

  • Z

    The RAL-way Children

  • A Clockwork 165C

  • Stephen

    Return Ascender

  • Back to the Futura

    The Rand Budapest Hotel

    He Man – SagMeister of the Univers

    Death Proofs

  • Ovidiu Hodorogea

    The Lord of the Grids

  • DumDumBoy

    12 Point Blank

  • The 10 ⌘ments

  • si c

    Point Break
    Men in Black

  • Terry Clarke

    esc through the gif shop

  • A Morgan

    Resolution road

    The Wizard of O.S. (10.9.2)

    Kern Kong

    The Template of Doom


    Dial Em for murder

  • Neil

    Bass to the future

  • Russell Reid

    Layers Cake

  • Chris Anderson


  • Joe

    Little Photoshop of Horrors

  • Victor

    There will be bleed

  • doof

    Less’is Moreables

  • Joe

    Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Comic Sans

  • kelly

    Citizen Kern

    Modern Times New Roman

    12 Angry Clients

    We need to talk about Colour

    futura by design

  • Ovidiu Hodorogea

    One Hundred and One Fonts

    Kill Gill


    The Thin Red Baseline

  • Ciara

    Attack of the Clone Stamps

    2001 a Spacing Odyssey

    The Gradient

    Only Lovers Left Aligned

  • Simone

    Pantone flew over the cuckoos nest

  • Tom B

    Erasertool, by David Lynch

  • fyy


  • cameron

    Citizen Kern

  • doof

    12 Mac Monkeys

  • cameron

    Raiders of the lost crop mark.

  • Diana Skrepnyk

    Honey, I shrunk the logo! (a fantasy flick).

  • cameron

    Once upon a time in Helvetica

  • Zef

    The Lord of the Pngs: Return of the Png

  • Tom

    There will be bleed

    Get Matthew Carter

    V for Verdana

    Who’s Afraid of Wolff Olins?

  • doof

    12 Mac Monkeys

  • Fran

    Das ReBoot

  • James

    Save as Private Ryan

    Along Came Polygon

    Kern After Reading

  • A Life Alessi Ordinary

  • Font Club

    Raiders of the Lost Artwork

    12 Years a Designer

    V for Verdana

    How to Train Your Designers

  • James

    Hanibal vector

    Layers cake

    Star Wars: attack of the clone stamps

  • Steve

    The Brody Bunch

  • fyy

    The fixie thief

    A stylesheet to be desired

    Shutterstock Island


    The CMYK-ing Game

  • fyy

    The fixie thief

    A stylesheet to be desired

    Shutterstock Island


    The CMYK-ing Game

  • I, Roboto

  • Children of the Kern

  • joe z

    Breakfast at TIFFany’s

  • Steve

    Mr. Peabody & Scherman

  • Simon

    Text, Lines and Videotape

    No Country for Bold En

    Drag me to Helvetica

  • Holly


    Batman ADOBE-gins

    Love Me Render

  • Tom Ralph


  • Jpeg-gy Sue Got Married

  • Johnnie

    All Quiet on the Western Font

    Chickern Run

    Spacing Private Ryan

  • Jeff

    Helvetica and back

  • Jeff

    Let The Range Right One In

  • Sue

    The Great Gridsby

  • star track or even more nerdy * t r a c k

  • Fontloose

  • The Extra Bold Adventures of Clarendon and Klee

    The Ives of March

    Rand Allusion

  • Mark

    Tinker, Typesetter, Soldier, Spy

  • Michael

    Pantones Labrinth

    The C76/M3/Y100/K18 Mile

    The Hounds of the Baskerville

    The Elefont Man

    The “This font seems a little dated, let’s try something more modern. I’ve always loved that Comic Sans” Client

  • J

    Men in K

    The Ives of March

  • Sherlock Eames.

    Bauhaus of Wax.

    The King of Comic Sans.

  • BC Armstrong

    ceci n’est pas une pipe bomb
    the treachery of images

  • Little Photoshop of Horrors
    Mississippi Kerning
    2001: A White Space Odyssey
    The Man With the Bold and Underline

  • Ricardo Peixoto

    The Adjustment Layer

  • Murray

    Support Your Local Serif

    Midnight QuarkXPress

    The Raster

    Monotype Lisa

  • G Cox

    The Rennie Mackintosh Man

  • Jeff

    Em is for Murder

  • Henry Fosdike

    Verdana Knew Too Much

  • It’s a Wonderful GIF

  • Lord of the PNGs

  • Alex Brewster

    Dawn of the Deadline.

    Nightmare on Old Street.

  • Saul Bass-ic Instinct
    The Susan Kare Bears Movie
    Sandhaus of Wax (in 3D)
    Storm Thorgerson 2: The Dark World

  • Kinetical Risk

    #0000FF Is The Warmest Color Code

    Renders Game

    Alias vs. Predator

    Raster and ⌘-R

    Dude, Where’s my Menu Bar?

    50 Shades of Grayscale

    Charlottes Webdings

  • cherrydingo

    Vector Victoria
    Bullet Points Over Broadway
    The Fall of the Times New Roman Empire
    Eyes Without A Typeface

  • Cecil RGB Demille

    Four Wingdings and a URL

    Starring Hue Rand

  • Craig Atkinson

    12 Angry Printers

  • James Wright

    Door to Dior

  • Thanks for all your entries. This competition is now closed. The chosen winning entries will be added to the post shortly.

  • Tom Cross

    Amazing! Thank you


  • Tom Cross

    Amazing! Thank you


  • doof

    Thank you very much :)


  • Joshua Wert

    D. Sign
    D. Cine
    D. Zine
    D. Sine
    D. Zign


    Dee Sign
    Dee Cine
    Dee Zine
    Dee Sine
    Dee Zign

    The Designer

    High Design
    Fine Design
    Design | Refine
    Design Line

    Chaos by Design
    Not By Design
    Lying by Design
    Accidental Design
    Infinite Design

  • Jeff

    Let The Range Right One In

    Sorry, forgot email address

  • Michael

    surely “The Colour 520” by Rhys should have won over the Clockwork orange one?

    Same idea but Rhys did his first?

  • Jamil

    The Notorious P.N.G