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New Cadbury Free The Joy ad released


Posted by Eliza Williams, 31 January 2014, 16:40    Permalink    Comments (6)

Cadbury has released a new spot in its Free The Joy campaign, which replaces the brand's long-running Joyville series of ads. CR talks to Cadbury and ad agency Fallon about the new marketing direction.

The new ad is a sweet little number that shows a father and daughter engaging in some quirky dancing while they eat their Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoon snack. It follows another recent, boogie-tastic spot that sees a man performing some excellent chair dancing when placed on hold during a phone call. Both new ads are shown below, with the Boogie spot shown in a new 90 second version, which is released today.


The new ads reveal a subtle new direction for the brand, replacing the Joyville tag which had been running since 2012. The Free The Joy line aims to emphasise the simple pleasure that the chocolate brings to those who eat it, and will be used across all the products in the Dairy Milk range. "Our new campaign is an evolution of Joyville," says Matthew Williams, marketing activation director at Mondelez, which owns Cadbury. "We're focusing more on our chocolate and the way it triggers joy for the consumer, and less on the way it is made or delivered."

Accompanying the Egg 'n' Spoon ad is a 'how to' film (shown below), which teaches viewers how to perform their own version of the dance in the ad. Cadbury has had success in the past with audiences creating their own interpretations of its ads (this was particularly the case with the Eyebrows ad, which sparked a raft of amateur versions posted to YouTube), and it would appear that the brand is actively encouraging a similar response here. "Interaction is very important," agrees Fallon ECD Santiago Lucero. "It is vital to embrace the fact that consumers have a thirst for a deeper engagement with brands and we need, where appropriate, to create communications that feed that. The 'how to' films we've developed for Egg 'n' Spoon are just the beginning – we are exploring a lot of ideas that will help us have a better and stronger relationship with our audience."


Both Williams and Lucero are keeping schtum about what's coming up next in the campaign, though reveal that there are some digital and experiential projects in the pipeline. "This is one of the great things about our new platform – it works beautifully in any media," says Lucero. "It's simply about finding new, spontaneous, creative ways to release joy, and of course digital will be one of those ways."


choreographed by the brilliant Rachel Yates of Chickenshed theatre, who also did the movement on IKEA's 'Playing With My Friends' and Temper Trap's 'Love Lost' video
2014-01-31 18:24:52

Love both these. Good to see Cadbury back on form.
2014-02-02 17:45:51

I like it, they have done a good job with this.
2014-02-03 23:24:06

I just adore the man and the boogie boogie advert. It's superb and I can't get enough of it. Makes Cadbury all the more delicious.
2014-02-04 03:25:41

Yes sir, ABSOLUTELY FAB! The guy in this ad is just brilliant! It makes me dance and certainly frees the joy. Please can we see the longer version mire often?
2014-02-19 23:38:48

I loved the boogie advert but then I saw the egg and spoon how to, and I loved that even more!
2014-06-20 22:24:43

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