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Posted by Creative Review, 3 June 2014, 11:35    Permalink    Comments (15)

It's that time of year again: the degree shows are upon us and, once again, we'd like your help. In order to cover as many shows as possible, CR is once again looking for volunteers to attend degree shows in your town or city and recommend the most interesting work

This will be the third year in which we have run our Talent Spotters project. We cover as many degree shows as we can here on the CR website but there are only a handful of us. Time and money dictates that we cannot travel the length and breadth of the UK visiting every degree show. So, for the last two years, we have asked for your help.

Here's how it works: We are looking for volunteers to cover any visual communications-related degree shows, whether BA, MA or any other level. We can't pay you, sorry, but we're hoping people will enjoy the experience. All we need you to do is to go along to the show of your choosing, photograph or otherwise gather images of the work you think is the most interesting and write a line or two on why you think that particular work is of note, making sure you credit the students involved and providing links to any relevant web addresses.

We will then publish your recommendations here on the CR website as part of our degree show coverage, alongside reviews from CR staff. Due to our location, we will pretty much have the London shows covered - what we really need are volunteers to go to those colleges that we can't get to.

If you are interested in taking part, please leave a comment below with an email address and the show or town/city you are interested in attending, or email us direct at and we will contact you.

Please do not put yourself forward to review shows with which you have a direct professional link (if you're an alumnus, that's fine, but no tutors or visiting lecturers etc please).

Many of the shows are listed here

Happy talent spotting!


I'm currently based in Edinburgh where the Edinburgh College of Art degree show just wrapped up on Sunday. I covered some of it on my own personal blog, Young Space, but took some notes/photos of work and independently promoted the show (I'm a student, not employed by the university), particularly in the School of Art, both MFA and BA, but also a little bit in the School of Design. Cheers!
Kate Mothes
2014-06-03 11:54:32

Hello. My name is Marco Bevilacqua and i'm a freelance illustrator.

I've been invited back up to my old Art School to see their degree show at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen.

If you would like me to write a review for you guys i'd be more than happy to contribute.

Hopefully speak to you soon.


Marco Bevilacqua
2014-06-03 11:58:00

I'd be happy to cover graphic design at Norwich. I did it last year:
2014-06-03 12:44:00

It'd be a pleasure to do the Cardiff School of Art and Design summer show.


Will Humphrey
2014-06-03 13:40:00

I will be happy to cover the degree show at the Hull School of Art and Design in Hull, and D&AD New Blood in London.

Sean Alton
2014-06-03 15:27:30

Hi! Happy to take a look at the Brighton Grad show 7-15 June, from an illustration and design perspective.
2014-06-03 16:44:00

Happy to cover Sheffield Hallam University, 14-17th June. We reviewed it for you last year too.
Alex Szabo-Haslam
2014-06-03 18:04:29

I think you always stop by the LCC shows, I'm going to be at all or most of them anyway (I graduated from BA Graphic Media Design a few years ago); and probably Camberwell too. Happy to send you some good work from them if you like.
Nathan David Smith
2014-06-03 18:26:00

You already will have missed a bunch. The Salford University degree show was last Thursday and Friday.
2014-06-04 01:17:55

I work at Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and we're curating our third Graduate showcase which will be on display in September. We're visiting all of the arts degree shows in Wales, predominately looking at fine art, applied arts and photography (although fashion and illustration are also considered) and I'm happy to recommend any work that stands out, which would be of interest to CR. My email is
Faye Gibson
2014-06-04 12:24:00

Happy to cover High Wycombe University Degree Show.

Angus, designer at brewagency, Marlow.
2014-06-04 12:47:00

I am hoping to visit UWE in Bristol, Bath Spa and Staffordshire University. If I get the time I always like to go to St Martins for a look...

David Moody
2014-06-04 19:50:00

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far, both here and directly by email. I will be in touch with you all if I haven't already done so
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2014-06-05 10:58:31

Whoops! Would love to cover Staffordshire,my old college
Sally Smallwood
2014-06-06 17:59:19

Hi, i'm a freelance graphic & type designer working in London. I was invited to view some work from Plymouth College of Art recently so would be happy to cover some of their work.
Michael Ives
2014-07-17 11:05:35

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