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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 3 June 2014, 11:47    Permalink    Comments (4)

'Content marketing' that you might actually want to watch: The Unquiet Film Series celebrates the historical and cultural impact of The Times and The Sunday Times, including one on typeface Times New Roman

The series is a collaboration between News UK, ad agency Grey London, production company Betsy Works, exec producer Peter Maynard and creative and commercials director, Phil Lind in order to celebrate "the historical and cultural impact of The Times and The Sunday Times .... and explore the values, beliefs and behaviours of past and present editors, journalists and readers". The first four films of the series are housed in a website, Forever Unquiet, developed by GreyPOSSIBLE and How Splendid. DBLG designed the identity.



Designing The News, directed by Steven Qua, surveys current designers' opinions about Times New Roman (and also features CR editor Patrick Burgoyne). "After many years of working in design for television I've not had much chance to use Times New Roman. As a general rule it's San-Serif for on screen work and Serif for print," Qua says. "Times is a serif font, and I don't work in print. I wanted to know what other designers thought of Times New Roman, and speak to those who do get a chance to use it in their work."


Simon George explores the Sunday Times' history of commissioning photojournalism in his film


In Power of Words, Liz Unna speaks to some of The Times' leading columnists and writers


While Will Clark's film Question Everything focuses on the papers' investigative reporting


Ex-ITV Creative ECD and 4Creative head Phil Lind was creative director on the project with Peter Maynard (once of 4Creative and Fallon) as executive producer. The films, Lind explains, arose from 10 themes identified by the editors of the papers as those that they hold most dear. As Lind says, it was a case of "If we had to say something about ourselves, this would be it".

Those themes were then translated into ten films which will be released in stages through the Forever Unquiet site.



I am a large Guardian reader myself, and never really looked too much into read The Times as I perceived it as more upper-class and out of my education level. But I really connected with these videos and found myself really engrossed into them; of course being a type nerd I loved the one on Times New Roman but they are all equal as good.
Very impressed
2014-06-03 18:45:19

Not out of your education level. Its owned by Murdoch so screw it
2014-06-04 11:36:30

I didn' know The Times made it...... Quality video and good to know.
2014-06-04 14:26:32

Madness how everyone is so interested about where the font came from rather than the rest of the information that has been provided. in my honest opinion I am doing the same thing. :)
2014-06-04 15:33:58

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