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Patatap turns your keyboard into a musical instrument

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Posted by Rachael Steven, 28 March 2014, 12:31    Permalink    Comments (6)

Google designer Jono Brandel has developed the perfect tool for a little Friday procrastination - a website that lets you create musical sounds and colourful animations with your computer keyboard...

Press any key at and you'll trigger a sound and create a shape. Pressing spacebar refreshes both the colour palette and the sounds, which range from bells and whistles to drums and lasers.

Here's a few of our experiments:

And you can try it for yourself here - just make sure you plug in your headphones before getting started.

The site's designed to work on any browser but unsurprisingly, it's quickest on Chrome, and you can read more about the concept on Brandel's website...


2014-03-28 14:56:39

2014-03-28 16:23:26

It's great on a smartphone!
2014-03-29 13:22:24

so cool!
2014-04-01 14:49:12

Yet another reason to keep me from working lol its good fun!
Mike Learn
2014-04-01 15:48:42

Excellent fun
2014-04-02 09:23:26

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