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Street artists create murals for charity Depaul UK


Posted by Eliza Williams, 21 March 2014, 10:51    Permalink    Comments (2)

A group of street artists have created murals in East London telling the stories of various young homeless people as part of a campaign for charity Depaul UK, created by Publicis in London.

Each artwork in the campaign focuses on the individual story of a young homeless person, with text giving an insight into the factors that led up to their situation included as part of the murals, which are on display in Dalston and Shoreditch.

The artists involved are Ben Slow, David Shillinglaw, Best Ever (mural shown above), Josh Jeavons, and Jim McElvaney, all of whom gave their time for free.

Here are the artworks in situ:

David Shillinglaw

Ben Slow

Josh Jeavons

Jim McElvaney

The artworks all feature a url – – which leads viewers to a website where they can find out more information about the homeless people whose stories appear in the murals, as well as the artists. Visitors to the site can also buy limited edition prints of the artworks, signed by the artists, for £80, with 100% of the money raised going to Depaul UK. As each print is sold, a section of the digital wall featuring the artwork is 'cleaned'.

Best Ever's page on the Street Stories website

Print by David Shillinglaw

Print by Jim McElvaney

Visit to find out more, or for more on Depaul UK.

Agency: Publicis
Creative directors: Andy Bird, Pavlos Themistocleous
Creatives: Jolyon Finch, Steve Moss
Photographer: Mark Wesley
Director: Sabira Hud


great work, concept and execution.
tim sinclair
2014-03-21 11:55:00

Absolutely brilliant - great ideas and a great price for the prints I hope they made a few quid.
Dave Dalton
2014-10-17 10:55:07

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