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Ad of the Week: Whiskas, Maps


Posted by Eliza Williams, 2 May 2014, 15:02    Permalink    Comments (12)

Whiskas has released a totally charming new press campaign, which features maps of a living room, kitchen and garden that have been charted from a cat's point of view. The work, by AMV BBDO, is our Ad of the Week.

Surprises in the cat food advertising sector are in short supply, which is what makes this campaign particularly appealing. Gone is the bright pink branding that we normally associate with Whiskas, along with the glossy photographs of plump and healthy kitties, and instead these ads are created in the style of old maps.

Details on the maps are all labelled as if from a cat's viewpoint, and there is plenty here to appeal to cat lovers. In the kitchen, the hob is labelled 'Sore Paw Crossing', while the seats around the table are the 'Petting Peninsula'.

In the 'Garden Outback', the area over the Great Wall is simply labelled 'Here Be Monsters' and two dogs are drawn in wait. In one corner lies the 'Badlands Litter Pit', while the 'Scratch Post Steeple' is in the centre of the garden. And in the living room, the family dining table is marked simply as 'No Cat's Land'.

The sepia tones of the ads might seem a risky move, but in a sea of bright, splashy ads, this subtle approach, combined with the witty text – which is perfectly pitched for cat fans – seems set to draw people in.

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative director: Paul Brazier
Creatives: Alan Wilson, Diccon Driver
Illustrator: Dave Hopkins


Absolutely superb & things of beauty
2014-05-02 15:40:01

Masterful job. A breath of fresh air in today's stereotypical world of advertising.
2014-05-02 21:55:32

Lovely illustration, but unfortunately so terribly toned down when it comes to the reality of cats, it misses the mark by a wide margin.

No mention of furniture scratching, favourite chair (which happens to be yours), hunting areas, sunny spots and at least 12 different sleeping spots. How about 'ambush alley', 'mouse skull mound', 'catnip corner' ?

wonder if it was toned down?
Matthew Trow
2014-05-03 08:26:36

A true delight for any cat enthusiast. Congratulations AVM BBDO!
Jackie Bunnell
2014-05-03 16:00:19

OK, this is the Ad of the Week, so it's already paid for. By Whiskas, I mean by Mars Inc. Why can't we have BIGGER PICTURES THEN? A FULL-SIZE PIC for each of the 3 maps (kitchen, garden, living).
2014-05-03 17:21:42

Lord of the cats middle earth map :)
Dan C
2014-05-05 08:35:40

Great craft and detail, one for map fans. More map porn here:
2014-05-05 08:41:32

These are the cat's whiskers
Harry Heptonstall
2014-05-06 08:52:33

A tenuis link – if this is a Cats point of view then Whiskas is the last thing on their minds.

(They are beautiful though – so maybe that's all that matters!)
2014-05-12 15:21:07

this is soooooooo sick!
2014-05-13 10:27:25

Love it. Beautifully illustrated. Really draws you in
Stephen Mangan
2014-05-14 12:25:48

This gave me a good chuckle! Nice to see what our feline friends think of our homes!! Pure genius. Well done!!!! :) :)
Angelee Mistry
2014-06-01 13:38:24

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