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Frank Budgen directs Taylors of Harrogate ad


Posted by Eliza Williams, 13 May 2014, 16:15    Permalink    Comments (35)

BMB has created a curious new ad for coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate, which is directed by Frank Budgen. The spot eschews any of the usual themes that we might associate with coffee ads – steaming mugs, hands shaking beans – and instead takes us on an abstract journey into the unknown...

UPDATE: If you'd like to know more about how the ad was made (and the music), check out our post here

Rather than hide from the notion that coffee is a drug, this ad seems to embrace the concept, offering viewers a series of hypnotic images set to the bizarre strains of the mid-19th century song Listen To The Mockingbird. The only thing that feels ordinary here is the packshot, which floats in at the end alongside the tagline 'Welcome to coffee'. It's all a bit strange and unexpected, but kind of great too, man.

Stills from the ad, along with the finished spot, are shown below:

Agency: BMB
ECD: Trevor Beattie
Creative director: Simon Bere
Creatives: Tom Sillars, Danny Asensio
Director: Frank Budgen
Production company: Gorgeous


Love it, obscure, colourful, mesmerising, like a whole mini universe of images and objects. Thanks for making it!
R Fox
2014-05-13 20:58:06

Erm ... yeah, okay? Presumably this is to advertise their 'Jamaican' coffee is it?

still shouldn't mock, at least it's original.
Bob likes coffee
2014-05-14 08:42:44

Beautiful stuff, love the soundtrack. Something else from Frank for Hyundai -
2014-05-14 09:02:51

who is whistling .
Yhanah Baxter
2014-05-14 20:20:26

Love the soundtrack.

Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright
2014-05-15 18:12:04

Check out a bit more information on the ad
Jordi Bares
2014-05-16 22:10:13

The soundtrack is hypnotic. I love the ad's other worldliness.
Marge beer
2014-05-18 00:36:00

Taylors coffee makes life worth living, this commercial is one of the best ever - I love it!
We visited Harrogate two years ago and had tea and cake at Betty's - what an experience!
2014-05-19 07:24:11

Love the advert - music is restful and smooth just like their "lazy sunday" coffee, want this music as a ringtone.
2014-05-19 21:37:26

Looooooooove it. So blissful in an age where everything is so much in your face.
2014-05-22 13:48:58

Wonderful, wonderful ad! I'll even buy the coffee because of it, that's how much I like it - a first.
Lindy Lou
2014-05-24 10:38:28

Listening to the whistling takes me back to my youth and hearing Ronnie Ronalde.
Jean Davies
2014-05-24 17:44:23

Lovely music. No relevance to the product. The visuals seemed more in line with The Clangers
J Walton
2014-05-27 18:24:23

Abe Lincoln's favourite song!
Kathy Jones
2014-05-28 10:32:40

absolutely inspired to marry quirky images with nostalgic whistling can't hear it often enough
2014-05-29 21:39:05

love it - sounds familiar - surreal!
carol phipps
2014-05-30 18:31:30

Someone bring this out as a ringtone PLEASE so much better to hear that on the train in the mornings
Derek Walder
2014-05-31 17:36:38

Charming and wonderful. So good to have an advert that is not in your face: it should work well for Taylors! Adverts don't have to be about selling a/the product. Being memorable in themselves promotes the brand name
Neville Churchill
2014-05-31 21:21:48

Put down my cup of coffee to watch this magical advert. Great stuff
2014-05-31 22:54:54

Fantastic. Would like it as a ring tone, is there a chance of it happening?
2014-06-01 12:35:23

Who made the recordng? Is it Ronnie Ronalde? I know my Dad could whistle like him......great, great ad and superb coffee too
Roz Venner
2014-06-02 14:36:14

lovely, let's have more info on music please and I will buy the coffee
2014-06-03 20:38:24

Dylan the magic roundabout rabbit springs to mind with this advert though its doing its job with getting people talking about it. Im arty but not this arty!!
Karen Knowles
2014-06-03 21:02:51

Wonderfully music best ad ever
J Cowan
2014-06-04 12:32:52

This is a beautiful compilation which I heard years ago as a child and when I heard it on the TV being used for the Taylors coffee advertisement it took me back in time where nothing mattered and life was bliss - how things have changed!! As I now know the title of the music I can place it within my collection to reminisce of what days used to be!!
2014-06-04 12:33:37

I have to have this as a ringtone. Mesmerising!
2014-06-12 00:08:20

What a wonderful piece of music to use on a commercial.I don't think the whistler is Ronny Ronalde,as his style was more robust.My guess is the Australian entertainer,Albert Whelan,who incorporated light whistling into his act,He was popular on the radio when I was young i.e.the 1940's
Stuart Haywood
2014-08-05 15:30:05

Great ad. Very good coffee. More of both, please.
Bill Stickers
2014-08-16 14:44:50

Superb ad - such a pleasure to see a truly original ad with a simple idea and a client willing to take a bit of a punt and trust the creative.
Fred Murgatroyd
2014-08-19 22:55:54

Draws you in. Haunting but beautiful at the same time. Well done chaps.
2014-08-20 20:55:00

Brilliant add. My father is great a great friend of Ronny Ronalde, and is in touch with him on a regular basis. I'm sure he will be delighted to hear that his music is linked to this advertisment.
2014-08-20 23:56:00

Great ad. Soon as I heard the whistling I thought Ronnie Ronalde. Remember hearing him out in NZ on an early morning radio show. He used to ring up and after a chat he would whistle a tune. Thought he was great. Glad to hear he's ok.
2014-11-19 22:07:53

Just awful. The music is too obscure and actually makes me turn the sound off. Won't be bothering to try this coffee.
2014-11-25 21:04:02

Where can I get it as a ringtone? Mum and me both lurve it! ;-)
2014-12-02 17:01:51

If the coffee makes you trip like the music, im buying.
Mark Taylor
2014-12-06 08:30:26

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