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Smile! New T-shirt range features Magnum photos


Posted by Creative Review, 2 June 2014, 13:24    Permalink    Comments (1)

Magnum Photos has licenced images from some of its most famous photographers to appear as striking all-over prints on a new range of T-shirts produced by Photo.Clothing

The first five T-shirts, initially available through Photo.Clothing's Kickstarter page, feature images by Martin Parr, Chris Steele-Perkins, Bruce Gilden, Richard Kalvar and David Alan Harvey.



Parr's, as you might expect, is the most 'poppy' – garish even. A huge toothy grin runs all the way around the shirt and over its entire surface.


David Alan Harvey's shot of footballers on a Rio beach is a timely choice

while the series also features one of Bruce Gilden's Coney Island shots

A Chris Steele-Perkins shot of the Japanese defence force in training


and Richard Kalvar's self-portrait



Magnum's Jonathan Bell says that once the full site (here) goes live later in June, T-shirts featuring some 300 images from 20 Magnum photographers will be available via a print on demand service. The T-shirts will also be available through high street retailers.

The idea, he says, appealed to the agency as a way "of getting Magnum photographs in front of a new audience in a new way". The treatment of the images, he concedes, is quite "radical' particularly given Magnum's reputation of being very respectful of the work of its members. Each photographer is given a full credit on the shirts while the initial Kickstarter run of 100 of each shirt features a special label with the photographer's signature and the image in full



Each photographer, Bell says, was first asked if they wanted to take part in the project, then given the opportunity of selecting the images they would like used themselves or allowing Magum and Photo.Clothing to choose for them. While making the point that by no means all of Magnum's archive would be appropriate for such a playful treatment, Bell says that the reaction from members was very positive. "They all want their images to be seen," he says.

The initial Kickstarter run of T-shirts cost £25 each or £100 for all five. Available here

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Hello CR, when are you doing your round up of all the summer shows?
2014-06-02 16:19:22

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