Ringan Ledwidge directs weird and brilliant video for Massive Attack

Massive Attack’s new video, for track Voodoo In My Blood, stars Rosamund Pike, who experiences a strange and terrifying encounter in the Joe Strummer subway in London…


Ledwidge has served up a slice of sci-fi horror in the video for Voodoo In My Blood, which features vocals by Young Fathers and is taken from Massive Attack’s recent Ritual Spirit EP.

The video hangs on the performance from Pike, who delivers an impressive piece of contemporary dance after she becomes possessed by a glowing silver orb she finds hanging in the otherwise empty subway. Viewers with a nervous disposition towards eyes and needles might want to give this one a swerve though.




  • ambra blu

    umm, nope. first off, the track is weak. secondly, since it’s a character-centred performance involving a real actress (as opposed to a good looking extra) & massive attack, i would expect something out of the ordinary, and not the same dance routines that are routinely pestering the videos nowadays, from thom yorke to adele and kwabs and flume – they all feature ‘choreography’. remember Live with me? that was a video where the lead actress was actually acting. of course, the song was better too. im mentioning live with me because thats like proper cinema, whereas this is more like a gimmick which hopes to go viral (having rosamund pike on = click bait).

    my 2p, obviously

  • Mychol

    Weird. Not brilliant.