Astrid Stavro curates poster campaign for the Laus Awards

46 designers from Vince Frost to Matt Willey and Dean Poole have created posters for a new campaign promoting Spanish design and advertising competition the Laus Awards.


The Laus Awards are organised by the Spanish Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors (ADG-FAD). For its 46th year, the ADG-FAD has opened the competition to international entrants and recruited 46 creatives and agencies to produce a poster promoting its call for entries.


Posters are based on the idea of connections and form part of a new identity for the awards designed by ADG-FAD president Daniel Ayuso. They will be on show at a ceremony at Barcelona’s Design Museum and featured in the Laus Awards annual.


“Closing with the final list of 46 leading international designers was hard,” says Atlas Studio’s Astrid Stavro, who curated the posters and sits on the ADG board. “The list had to represent a variety of different countries, different disciplines (design & advertising) and breadth of work. We focused on renown, established designers — designers that from an educational point of view we considered to be essential references in our industry,” she says.


“The campaign could be easily misinterpreted — here is a list of great and famous designers. So what? From an educational point of view, the design culture in Spain is not as engrained as in other countries. In the United Kingdom, for instance, reading and writing form part of design education in college. Designers like Bob Gill, Derek Birdsall, John McConnell, Ivan Chermayeff, Bruno Monguzzi or Dean Poole, for instance, might be relatively unfamiliar to young designers in Spain… In a nutshell, we are encouraging and challenging Spanish designers to match their immense talent at an international level and vice versa,” she says.


Creative Review is a media partner at this year’s Laus Awards. You can see the full set of posters – including a slightly risqué submission from KesselsKramer and designs by Andy Altmann, HORT and more – at

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  • James Smith

    Another lets get a load of ‘celebrity’ designers to do a poster job…

    As the article says ‘So what?’.

    • designlsc.

      In the words of Emily Dickinson “Celebrity is the chastisement of merit and the punishment of talent.” but to my mind each of the individuals who were selected to ‘do a poster’ where chosen on merit because they are evidently very talented. Keep working James, maybe one day you will be invited to do a poster.

  • designlsc.

    Very insightful and effective work as usual from one the world’s finest women working in graphic design. Well done Astrid.

  • Timm

    Great to see Bob Gill make the cut.

  • VickyGuo

    GOOD POST, Beautiful colors!