Meet Bob the artist in Marion Deuchars’ new book

Bob is sad about his skinny legs, but a trip to the art gallery makes him realise that being different is no bad thing at all, in Marion Deuchars’ charming new children’s book.


Thanks to the engaging nature of both her writing and her distinctive illustration style, Marion Deuchars is becoming something of a treasured name in the world of children’s books. Her Let’s Make Some Great Art series of activity books has encouraged youngsters to get hands-on with art, while her latest picture story, Bob the Artist, shows how art itself can transform your thinking.


Bob the blackbird gets teased because of his skinny legs. He tries all manner of things to make them bigger, from going to the gym to covering them up, but, alas, he’s stuck with them and there is little he can do about it. So, on a whim, he visits a gallery and while there he realises that being different – standing out, expressing yourself – is actually a good thing.


Inspired by the techniques of some of the world’s most famous artists, he gets to work on making himself look different again. He paints his beak all manner of colours and patterns and soon the other animals don’t even notice his legs (which aren’t really that bad anyway).

Bob the Artist is a charming tale that will no doubt resonate with children, parents, and birds with bright red beaks, alike.

Bob the Artist is published by Laurence King (£10.95) and is out next week

  • Sofa_Surfa

    Not a fan of boring illustration like this, and doubt kids will be either-needs a lot of work, and far more imagination and excitement I’m afraid.

    • Cheer up, misery guts! This book looks lovely and wee kiddie winkles will surely learn a thing or two from it. With children growing up in an era of Selfies and where only bizarre preconceived notions of perfection will do, a book such as this is an ideal antidote.

  • Sofa_Surfa

    @Goatbirth. Good luck with your “Wee kiddie Winkies…” mine will be reading something way better!

    • Quite possibly the worst insult I’ve seen for a while. Have you been watching the Holy Grail?

      I raised those points as the Selfie/tabloid press era of celebrity obsession raises unrealistic expectations. This can lead to children deluding themselves and, inevitably, this can lead to tremendous self-esteem problems and depression. If you pay attention to news, you should be aware this is becoming a serious endemic amongst the youth of today. Children should simply be happy with who they are, which is what this little book is attempting to address.

      Finally, I’ve noticed you upvoted your comment there… well done. You agree with yourself. Mega.

      • Sofa_Surfa

        You are spouting nonsense (and getting stooges to vote you up) because you don’t have a clue about the subject of illustration do you? What’s the difference between conceptual, editorial and children’s illustration then?

        Anyone sufficiently interested in this trolls fan base or clear lack of it can easily check out the smoke and flames comments at the link below;

        (one is so enamoured he’d like to fit him out with a nice new coffin apparently…)

        Oh well at least the book has one admirer, shame it’s a troll.

        • You’re boring me, boring person. I’m going to leave you to it! Tatty bye, dear. :o)

          • Sofa_Surfa

   least you lost gracefully.

  • Tellthetruth

    This book is so playful and charming, I hope to find it at Bookpeople this weekend!