Farrow: Pet Shop Boys, Yes sleeve

Farrow resumes its longstanding relationship with the Pet Shop Boys with the sleeve for the duo’s latest album, Yes

“Neil and Chris said that this was their most ‘pop’ album in a long time and the idea of creating something very bright and colourful – as we had for their Introspective album – really appealed to them,” says Mark Farrow. “The tick was obviously inspired by the album’s title Yes. It’s instant and memorable and pop. It’s made up of eleven coloured squares, one for each track on the album.” Shown is the limited edition double disc version in black (the regular sleeve is white). The coloured blocks continue on the inside of the package where the tick merges and clashes with photos of the band. More at CR Blog.


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Area_2: 100 Graphic Designers

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Packaging Designer

Parragon Books


Birmingham City University

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National Union of Teachers


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