Casa Rex presents the "Nerd Nouveau Riche" kit.

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Enough of being "popular" on social media and going completely unnoticed in this extremely old-fashioned thing called the "real world".

Casa Rex, a highly acclaimed international design consultancy with offices in São Paulo and London, launches the irreverent "Nerd Nouveau Riche" kit.

With an ironic mix of products selected from the ultra ostensible universe of the newly rich and the gadgets that are the main vehicle of expression of nerds, the kit consists of 15 stickers for cellphones, laptops and tablets, with amusing messages such as "Everyone likes me (on Facebook)", "My laptop is bigger than your TV" and "Steve (Jobs) followed me on Twitter".

According to the designer, Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and creator of the project together with Samia Jacintho; "Today, computers, cellphones and tablets have effectively become symbols of status rather than instruments of communication and work. Our idea was to make fun of this — if you attach so much importance to your new generation cellphone, put a shiny gold sticker on it so everyone can see how cool you really are."

This kit is the fourth collection of items developed by Casa Rex. It is packaged in craft paper and printed in silkscreen, with a limited print run of 200 numbered copies, which are currently available at selected stores in Brazil:


Coletivo Amor de Madre
Online Store: www.amorart.com.br
(55) 11 3061 9384

Momö Store
Rua Iperoig, 419 - Perdizes
(55) 11 2506 8376

Tag and Juice
Rua Gonçalo Afonso, 99 - Vila Madalena
(55) 11 2362 6888


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