Tabula Rasa

This surreally beautiful project, created by dropping pigment into water, is one of two student projects chosen as Best in Book in the CR Photography Annual

Bowie, Barnbrook and the Blackstar artwork

As the artwork for David Bowie’s new album Blackstar – or ★ – emerges on billboards and social media, its designer Jonathan Barnbrook talks us through his latest collaboration with the singer and musician. In an in-depth interview, he considers his approach to creating a visual language for the album and what designing for music means in 2015

A Body of Evidence

New exhibition Burden of Proof at the Photographers’ Gallery looks at how photography became a fixture of forensics and aided the investigation of violent crime. Rick Poynor investigates

Tackling the world’s plastic problem

Last year, Sophie Thomas, co-founder of studio Thomas.Matthews, travelled to Kamilo Point in Hawaii to see at first-hand the extent to which plastic waste is polluting the world’s oceans. She recently presented a talk – and artwork – based on her findings and suggested that designers have an important role to play in instigating real change