Young Warriors

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Advertising agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Client/Brand: Mattel Asia Pacific/Matchbox
Art Director: Anthony Tham
ECD: Todd McCracken
Photographer: Shooting Gallery/Wishing Well
Digital imaging: Eyecandi
Producer: Iskandar Abdul Kader
Art Buyer: Benjamin Tan


i think this plays a disservice to Matchbox. And the art director got carried away...
Filipe Carvalho
2009-07-09 11:26:44

"They're coming for you everyday
While senators on a holiday
The army recruiters in the parking lot
Hustling kids, they're juggling pot
Listen young man, listen to my plan
Gonna make you money, gonna make you a man.
(bomb, bomb)
Here's what you get, an M16 and a kevlar vest
You might come home with one less leg but this thing will surely keep a bullet out your chest
So come on, come on, sign up, come on
This one's nothing like Vietnam
Except for the bullets, except for the bombs
Except for the youth that's gone"
2009-07-21 04:29:43

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