The Design Society Journal no.8 - Anew

Uploaded by:TMRRW

TMRRW’s cover design for the recently launched The Design Society Journal no.8. The theme for this issue is Anew.

The cover is a simple anamorphic 3D image of a ‘saint’, on a yellow background with cyan strips to enhance the illusion of dimension. If we care to look hard enough, new perspectives can come from anywhere, especially everyday life, and it's not the 'new', but the quality of the perspective that matters. I've noticed that many people no longer experience things without the intermediary of a mobile phone. During a concert for example, almost everyone has their phone out, taking videos, photos, or perhaps even doing something else. While this might seem 'normal', the truth is that more and more of our time is spent experiencing the world through a screen, always one step removed from direct experience. I designed a cover specially meant to reflect all this, engaging the reader to look at it from a perspective that seems fresh yet familiar. However, the 'new light' to me, would be the realisation (if possible in the reader), that this is nothing new at all, but rather the normal state of things now. The cover therefore plays upon the various tensions and juxtapositions. That of perspective and ways of seeing, that of old vs contemporary media, that of the roles we actively adopt vs the ones we are passively embedded in. I hope to provoke awareness of some of these points, as it is only through awareness that we can make the choices that lead to things that can properly be called 'new'.

This cover is designed to be viewed from an angle through the screen of a mobile phone.


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