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Samsung is challenging a selection of local and professional artists to put down their paintbrushes, and pick up the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to create masterpieces which will be screened via WiFi on Piccadilly Circus’ Samsung outdoor screen.

The three-day campaign, developed by Cheil UK, is aimed at highlighting the creative prowess of the Note 8. It will see Samsung’s line-up of eight artists draw portraits of people in Piccadilly Square on the Samsung Note 8, using the S-Note application along with the S-Pen.

The artists taking part include traditional Trafalgar Square portraitists and Marvel animatists. The aim of the activity is to demonstrate the capabilities of the device – showing how it can be used to create artwork as fine and detailed as that of the traditional pencil or paintbrush.

Artists will encourage the general public to craft their own masterpiece using the Note 8. Trafalgar Square artists will be producing portraits of members of the public using the device, while Marvel artists will use their unique style to turn willing passersby from ordinary people into their super hero counterpart.

Artists’ Note 8’s will be WIFI connected to the Piccadilly Samsung Screen, with all drawings posted to the Screen on Friday 28 June, while the best will be posted to Twitter. Samsung will be encouraging Twitter followers to take part by sending their Twitpics to @samsungmobileUK and each artist draws one during the day. One Twitpic will be selected every hour to be drawn by an artist. The artwork will then be tweeted back to the user.

Brand ambassadors will find willing ‘muses’ around Piccadilly to have their portraits sketched at the Note 8 pop-up venue.

Cheil has also created a ‘How To’ using the Note 8 to paint portraits, available to view via the Samsung YouTube page, as well as short video interviews with each of the artists, seen here.

Matt Pye, MD at Cheil UK, said: “This is a unique opportunity for the public to try out and discover the full capabilities of the Samsung Note 8 and show off their creative side on the big screen. By employing a selection of highly creative individuals, we are bringing Piccadilly Circus and the Samsung Screen to life with an array of bespoke creations. It’s all about creating an entertaining and engaging experience for people who are out and about in the heart of London.


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