Zootype: A typographical safari in “blogger” territory.

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Have you ever seen a blog entirely dedicated to a single typeface?
Zootype was the first awarded Latin American type design in an international type competition at the 2nd. International Type Design Contest, Linotype, Frankfurt am Main, 1997.
Until the advent of Zootype fonts, the only answer offered by the Internet search engines to the “Zootype” keyword was: “A Proposed archetype of the form of all animals, not based on a shared body plan but on conserved molecular homologies”. A biological gibberish of sparingly typographical connotations.
These and other considerations led me to try an unusual creative-graphic adventure: “Zootype Blog” –in Spanish, translating tool active– a typographic blog devoted exclusively to a single font. The texts appeals to humor and irreverence, as opposed to the aseptic formality that texts about typographical affairs often exhibit, except in some cases where the subject does not allows it. The expedition is in full swing. Go ahead Bwana!
Zootype Blog by Victor Garcia – www.victorgarcia.cpm.ar - www.zootype.blogspot.com.ar

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Good work !
2014-03-31 00:19:49

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