"I'm not a calendar" 2010 Qube Calendar

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Each year Qube produce a desk calendar for their clients which are anxiously awaited. For 2010 we wanted to produce something different, but still within the bounds of a calendar with a Qube-esque element to it. It needed to be original, recyclable, expressed our unique approach to design but above all useful long-term.

This year we have produced a 'I'm not a calendar' calendar. Months were digitally illustrated by Simon Page (Astronomy 09 Posters CRBlog 25-11-09) as he played with geometric cubes. The pages are then folded in such a way that they are re-usable as posters or gift wrap once the month has past.


Where can I buy a calendar - these are awesome! Sweet work Simon!
2009-11-26 10:32:10

Great idea, unique design and truly re-usable.
Iron calves
2009-11-26 10:43:37

nice idea! Reminds me of Nam
2009-11-26 10:47:33

This was an interesting project to work on and a clever idea.
2009-11-26 11:15:43

Love it! Absolutely love it. The intent, the surprise and the recyclable component. Bravo~!
2009-11-26 23:42:01

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