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What started as a passion project has grown into an epic 16 episode season that could use a little kickstart to go the last mile. For over a year I followed these artists as they created exhibitions, installations, street murals, albums, and above all paintings. I interviewed the artists in their studios, their homes, on the road, in the gallery, even while they were working, to get a sense of their history, personality, and drive to create. The interviews at times were intimate, and it was astonishing to see the honesty the artists had in answering my sometimes overtly philosophical questions. I wanted to not simply do a biography of the artist but create a portrait of their life and their work. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, The Creative Lives is the fruit of my efforts to capture the nature of an artist; the struggles they have, the doubts that arise, and the victory of creating something you're proud to sign.

Along the way, however, it grew harder and harder to complete the 16 episodes totaling over 300 minutes when I lost my job. I could not afford the finishing work, and renting theaters in San Francisco and Los Angeles to host the art shows / premiere events I had planned seemed like an impossible dream. But then someone suggested Kickstarter and all of a sudden that dream was alive, and perhaps, with a little luck, together we can still finish the season by next year and premiere the episodes in Los Angeles and San Francisco for the fans.


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