Duck Rice

Uploaded by:Scott
Country:United Kingdom

Packaging work for Xanh (meaning green in Vietnamese), Duck Rice is their first product. Very simply, rice is grown as naturally as possible, the ducks live in the paddies and their everyday habits keep the crop fertilized and free of pests. Xanh also promote a fairer deal for farmers. Working closely with the client I produced clean, fresh packaging to reflect the philosophy of the product. A wonderful coincidence allowed me to give them a duck in the typography.

I designed, John Archer wrote English copy, Skinny Tuan wrote the Vietnamese, and George Mcintosh gave some guidance.


Wow, at first look i didn't noticed the duck in the typeface but it is awesome.
2009-09-18 20:25:27

Really clean. The duck in the typography is nicely done.
2009-09-20 04:13:31

so, is this Duck Rice product actually available in the market place? i am a distributor in Canada looking to import this beautiful packaged all natural product, but cannot locate the company.
Big Ups Inc, Toronto Canada 416 667 1251
alan knight
2009-10-05 18:08:52

Fantastic. You can find my contact details on my website - I will put you in touch with Xanh.
2009-10-07 17:35:36

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