Puma Pitcrew

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GBH has built a Ferrari Grand Prix car out of designer gear - with the help of 1,500 T-shirts and 88 pairs of jeans.

The full size replica of the Formula One car Kimi Raikkonen is driving this season has gone on show in at the Puma store in London's Carnaby Street.

It took a team five hours to turn the T-shirts and jeans - together with 20 belts, 26 pairs of shoes and baseball caps - into a model of the 200mph racer.

Jason Gregory from GBH said: "It looks effortless when you see it but it took weeks of careful planning to turn a pile of clothes into a finely-tuned machine

"We are not sure if it would pass stringent F1 safety tests but it definitely looks sexy."



Nice Work!
Simon Winnall
2009-09-28 13:18:00

I love the video footage showing the process.

Awesome stuff!
2009-09-28 13:23:54

Someone has way too much stock!
Squidge Mann
2009-09-28 15:03:13

Best much stock!
crazy sergio
2009-09-29 01:08:14

just wet myself at the fat dude on related videos - brilliant!
Jon Harvey
2009-09-29 14:01:24

not sure why this is a related video - still made me fall off my made out of t-shirts chair
Pat Fahy
2009-09-29 14:02:37

Good. Very impressive.
2011-07-19 02:22:17

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