New animated digital poem from Laura Marling

Laura Marling has collaborated with creative agency Studio Juice, and visual artist collective Shynola to create an inteactive, animated digital poem, entitled The Beast

Laura Marling has collaborated with creative agency Studio Juice, and visual artist collective Shynola to create an interactive, animated digital poem, entitled The Beast.

The project, which utilises the interactive features of HTML5, presents an animated, scrolling poem, accompanied by illustrations by Shynola. The poem itself tells the story of a dark, fairytale love, with a distinctive ‘movie-trailer’ narration provided by Laura Marling’s friend Gil, from the band Old Crow Medicine Show.

The poem, based on Marling’s song of the same name, was also written by the singer, and she explains, “The first line of the poem was essentially what sparked the ideas behind the album, for one reason or another though, it didn’t seem to work as a song. It came from a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I came across in a book called Sisters of Fortune, talking about the abolition of slavery, ‘We have the wolf by the ears and we can neither hold him nor safely let him go’. Blind plagiarism.” For comparison, the opening line of The Beast runs, “The Beast was a creature I did not know. I held him once and could not let him go.”

Laura Marling’s new album, A Creature I Don’t Know, is out now.

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