The Animals are coming

Giacomo Brunelli’s haunting photographic series, The Animals, is set to be exhibited in London for the first time this February

Giacomo Brunelli’s haunting photographic series, The Animals, is set to be exhibited in London for the first time this February…

The Animals came out as a book last year (see our blog post, Other Animals, for more images) and having toured various intermational galleries the photographs are now coming to the Photofusion space in south London.

“When I focus on the subjects, I tend to be very precise, and I only take pictures in the natural morning light,” says Brunelli of his work.

“Once I see an animal that I want to photograph, I try to ignore it then I run after it which usually gains a response; sometimes I just stare at it and see what happens. Their reactions are different, sometimes they are curious about the camera and sometimes they get scared about the noise of the shutter.

“When I am dealing with dead animals I pick them up from the ground and place them where I think the setting works. In this case my interaction with the animal is a way to give purpose to something that it no longer has.”

Brunelli’s exhibition will open on February 5 at the Photofusion Gallery, 17a Electric Lane, London SW9 8LA, running until March 26. More details at the Photofusion website, here.

His book is published by Dewi Lewis; £25. More details at


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