The Uniqlo Calendar

Following the enormous success of Uniqlock, Projector in Japan has returned with another covetable digital tool – the Uniqlo Calendar.


Following the enormous success of Uniqlock, Projector in Japan has returned with another covetable digital tool – the Uniqlo Calendar.


The Uniqlo Calendar follows a similar formula to Uniqlock, in that it provides users with a screensaver or blog widget that may be branded to Uniqlo but is also useful and charming. In Uniqlock, this was an online clock that featured films of Uniqlo-clad dancers in addition to telling the time, while the Uniqlo Calendar, as its name suggests, offers users the date as well as a weather report. This can be set to different cities all over the world.



It also features photographs of Tokyo, shot using tilt-shift photography. The sales technique then comes in when a user clicks on an image, which breaks into a mosaic of small boxes, each containing an item of Uniqlo clothing suitable for the current weather.



Projector has commissioned music especially for the website, once again from Fantastic Plastic Machine producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, who scored the distinctive soundtrack to the Uniqlock site. The music on the Uniqlo Calendar will change every two months, when new collaborations between Tanaka and other musicians will be uploaded. The current soundtrack features him in collaboration with saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu.



As with Uniqlock, this kind of attention to detail, combined with beautiful design, seems likely to make the Uniqlo Calendar an equally successful project.

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