Creative Review/Econsultancy training courses

CR and our sister company Econsultancy have joined forces to put together a programme of training courses specifically aimed at our readership which will run over the second half of 2013.

Econsultancy are specialists in digital marketing, with many years experience training creatives, designers and their clients. We have partnered with them to create four courses specially designed for CR readers. For further details and to book your place, clink on the link on the title of each course


Fast Track Digital for Creatives
October 22-23, 2013, London

Ideal for creative professionals wanting to better understand the implications of designing for digital, this two day course introduces key concepts and considerations in a highly practical format.
You'll cover the entire spectrum of digital channels and take your first steps towards turning your campaign ideas into structured plans that will work within a digital environment.

The course will deliver:
* A solid understanding of the digital landscape and digital marketing concepts
* The ability to assess the suitability of campaign ideas across multiple channels
* Insight into designing for persuasion and usability
* The ability to effectively communicate campaig concepts
* An appreciation of future considerations



Persuasive Design
November1, 2013, London

Understanding why people behave the way they do and then creating choice architecture around it is key to improving customer engagement and return on investment.

Drawing on the disciplines of behavioural economics and social psychology to understand human decision making, this innovative course will help you understand the core techniques for persuasive design, encouraging website visitors to move along effective decision paths and boost conversions.

The course will cover:
* What is persuasion? Is it ethical?
* Principles of emotional design
* Designing for trust
* Designing for persuasion
* How to evaluate persuasion
* Putting it into practice



Collaborative Idea Generation Techniques
November 28, 2013, London

The talent and knowledge within your organisation (or your clients' organisations) can be a great asset if only it can be unleashed creatively and collaboratively. Liberate staff from their own assumptions and pet solutions and get people working together to share, co-create and ultimately co-own resulting solutions.

This course takes you through a whole workshop process to do exactly this. You will participate in a full end to end program of activities learning by trying out a number of representative techniques for real. You'll learn to unlock the creativity from subject matter experts who don't usually get involved with design, and get those that do to approach solution forming from a wider or completely different perspective all together.

The course will cover:
* The principles of idea generation - the idea lifecycle
* Generating a shared brief
* Exploding ideas (numerous techniques and theories)
* Evaluating and communicating ideas
* Developing ideas
* Introduction to testing in the wild for validation


Campaign Design for Mobile

May 14, 2014, London

Mobile marketing has become a broad and sophisticated channel. Many pioneering brands are now reaping the benefits from mobile CRM, apps and much more. However, while the explosion in usage of smartphones is making mobile a richer media landscape, it presents challenges for users wishing to effectively reach their target consumers.

This course will help you to understand the latest range of creative and innovative technology options which are available across the mobile channel. This course is ideal for those with previous knowledge and experience of mobile marketing who want to understand the latest trends in mobile.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
* Understand the latest trends in mobile (location, augmented reality, mCommerce, etc.) and their practical applications for marketing
* Exploit the emergence of tablet devices, specifically the iPad
* Use mobile content and gaming to enhance customer experience and guide behaviour

For further information about any of these courses, go to the Econsultancy website here or follow the link on the title of each course listed above