Making Money

No one likes talking about money, but we are going to…

Here’s some advice and real life stories on the tricky

relationship between creativity and cash

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How to be creative and live with bipolar

The creative industries are uniquely linked to mental health issues. Here the artist, photography professor and business-owner Steve Macleod speaks about a condition he has dealt with for as long as he can remember, and how it impacts his work and life

Remembering Abram Games’ wartime work

More than 100 propaganda posters created by the late graphic designer during the Second World War are showcased in a new book authored his daughter, Naomi Games, and a coinciding exhibition at the National Army Museum

Work’s not all about the money … or is it?

While we all need to earn a living, younger people are increasingly motivated by more than just their paypacket. How are creative companies responding to the challenge of offering meaningful benefits to their younger team members?

Turning a side hustle into a business

Tom Evans founded BleepBleeps – a tech startup making connected products for parents – while working in advertising. Here, he shares some advice on taking your side hustle to the next level

Should I work for free?

It’s an eternal issue in the creative industries, and a question that rarely has a simple answer. Here, we get to the bottom of when, if ever, it’s a good idea to work for free, what to watch out for, and what to bear in mind when deciding