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So you want to be a… game designer

Making games has never been more accessible, with the game industry a huge opportunity for creatives to test their skills. But what does it take? Indie game designer Gregorios Kythreotis shares his advice

So you want to be a… music supervisor

Being a music supervisor involves much more than finding the perfect track. We spoke to Catherine Grieves – music supervisor on Killing Eve – about the demands of the job and her route into film and TV

So you want to be a… street photographer

As Magnum Photos launches a new online course in street photography, we talk to Martin Parr about his tips for getting started, how you have to take a lot of rubbish, and why it’s best to shoot first and deal with problems later

So you want to be a… prosthetic make-up artist

Valter Casotto tells CR about doing make-up for weird and wonderful creatures in everything from Game of Thrones to The Hobbit, the value of getting work experience early on, and making sure you leave your artistic ego at the door when you start a new job

When diversity doesn’t work

While a diversity of voices in the advertising industry is a necessity, a diversity of talent in other ways may be a hindrance to making great work, argues our ad correspondent Ben Kay

So you want to be a… creative coder

Code is just another language, an artificial one, but a language none the less, says Zach Lieberman. You can do many wonderfully creative things with it if you stay curious, ask questions, and combine the things that interest you with code

So you want to be a… scriptwriter

Michael Lesslie, Lead Writer and Executive Producer of The Little Drummer Girl, explains what it’s really like to create scripts for the stage and screen – and offers some tips for aspiring writers

So you want to be a… prop designer

Like most jobs in the film industry, being a prop designer is exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure. Having worked on everything from The Bill to Blade Runner 2049, Lydia Fry shares her tips on how to break into the wonderful world of props


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