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Cannes Lions winners 2019

We take a look at all the Grand Prix winners from this year’s Cannes Lions festival, where Burger King, Nike and the New York Times were the biggest winners

So you want to be a… video editor

Ellie Johnson has edited music videos for some of this decade’s most popular musicians, and her ad work has earned her clients in KFC, Galaxy and Land Rover. We talk to her about what makes a good editor, overcoming biases and whether university is worth it

Designing Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

With its mix of music, art and activism, Shangri-La has gained a reputation as Glastonbury’s most subversive and experimental venue. We talk to Creative Director Kaye Dunnings about creating the festival space

How brands should approach advertising in Japan

Western brands eager to tap into the Japanese market in time for the Rugby World Cup and next year’s Olympics would be wise to learn the idiosyncrasies of the country’s advertising. Here, Natalie Meyer, founder and CEO of Tokyoesque, offers some insights

Bill Posters on deepfakes and transparency

Artist-researcher Bill Posters talks to CR about creating viral celebrity deepfakes, as well as the role of art in making complex topics relatable and the motivations behind Spectre, his new award-winning installation with Daniel Howe