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How to make remote onboarding work

How do you start a new role when you’ve never even seen the office? And how do you handle WFH if this is your first job? We investigate how studios and agencies have managed the onboarding process during lockdown, and what it could mean for the future of remote work

What Would I Change: Jo Jackson,

In the latest in our series asking creatives what they would like to change about their industry,’s chief creative officer Jo Jackson reflects on what the coronavirus pandemic means for retail and how it has prompted new ways of working for Made’s creative team

How I Got Here: Designer Sam Hecht

Sam Hecht has had a 20-year partnership with Muji, helping shape the company’s minimalist yet practical image. Here he looks back over 30 years as a designer, discussing his “obsessive curiosity” and why design sometimes needs to be driven by need rather than desire


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