1 beer, 100 names: SB Studio’s 100/100 project

100 creatives have designed labels for a limited edition range of beer launched by SB Studio to raise money for UK charity Arts Fund.

100 creatives have designed labels for a limited edition range of beer launched by SB Studio to raise money for UK charity Arts Fund.

100/100 is one of a series of not for profit projects SB Studio has planned. “We work with a lot of drinks brands and when the opportunity of brewing our very own beer came about, we thought it would be an interesting brand experiment,” says creative director Benji Holroyd.

Top: Seymour Chwast. Above: Andy Smith

The five percent wheat beer was brewed by The Liverpool Craft Beer Company and in December, the studio asked the public to submit names for bottles that included the letters S and B. Over 1000 names were submitted, 100 were shortlisted and creatives were asked to create a label based on a name from the list.


Contributing designers and illustrators include Jean Jullien, Seymour Chwast, HORT, Emily Forgot and NB Studio and chosen names reference animals, food, celebrities and even typefaces.

All of the labels are displayed online and will be exhibited in a touring exhibition later this year. They will also appear in a book about the project.

Jean Jullien

The initial run of bottles will be sold in an online auction, with proceeds going to Art Fund, and Holroyd says the beer will later be going into full production and sold nationwide.

For more info and to browse the full set of submissions, see 100100.org.uk

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