10 things to see at LDF 2016 #2: Overlooked

Pentagram partner Marina Willer has created a new series of manhole cover rubbings, on show at Protein Studios next weekend

Marina Willer's fluoro manhole cover rubbings celebrate the intricate designs found on London's streets
Overlooked: The Gatekeepers to London’s Underground World will feature a new series of manhole cover rubbings by Pentagram’s Marina Willer

Overlooked: The Gatekeepers to London’s Underground World celebrates the intricate patterns found on the capital’s many manhole covers. Willer and her team took rubbings of various manhole covers around London – from coal hole covers to cast iron discs covering gas mains – and reproduced designs in fluoro colours. Designs are printed full-size alongside the location of the foundry that produced them.

The exhibition follows the publication of a Pentagram paper of the same name. Both the paper and a new series of limited edition posters will be available to purchase at the event, which takes place at Protein Studios in Shoreditch from September 23 to 25.

Pentagram is also hosting a typographic exhibition by Domenic Lippa at its London office on the evening of Wednesday September 21. Words by Voices explores words of social justice with large-format posters featuring quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali. (RSVP to kinghan@pentagram.com to attend).

Manhole cover rubbings from around London celebrate the intricate designs and patterns found on the city's streets
Overlooked, Marina Willer’s original Pentagram paper – one of a series celebrating vernacular design
Manhole cover rubbings in fluoro inks reveal intricate patterns and designs
Pentagram says the street cover rubbings “serve as a reminder that a city’s beauty isn’t limited to art galleries or grand architecture”

Overlooked: The Gatekeepers to London’s Underground World at Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard EC2A 3EY from September 23 – 25. Marina Willer is giving a talk at LDF’s Graphics Weekend on Sunday 18 September – see here for our pick of the weekend’s events.

For more info about LDF see londondesignfestival.com

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