2007: The CR Blog Top Ten

The top ten stories on CR Blog in 2007, by number of page views, were…


The top ten stories on CR Blog in 2007, by number of page views, were…

1 Australian creative agency Glue Society’s re-imagining of some key Biblical events in the The Bible According To Google Earth
2 Artist covers car in, err, lots of other cars: James Ford and The General Carbuncle
3 The Money Maker: an interview with Dutch designer Ootje Oxenaar, creator of beautiful banknotes with hidden messages
4 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Gorilla: love it or hate it, you all had an opinion on it
5 Pepper’s Ghost and a touch of modern technology combine to create a fashion show to remember in Diesel Show – Underwater Magic
6 Kate Moss – The Brand: whereby we discovered the formula for massively increased web traffic – Peter Saville plus Kate Moss equals a match made in page view heaven
7 Helga Steppan – Be Long A Part: photographer groups belongings according to colour
8 Guess Who?: the illustrations of Noma Barr
9 Cadbury’s Gorilla Unmasked: still can’t believe it wasn’t Phil
10 Fresh Off The Factory Floor: the Hacienda must be built, and you must buy these very expensive limited edition trainers to keep the memory alive

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Subway Sect: Andrew Innes and Jim Lambie in conversation

Jim Lambie and Andrew Innes
Subway Sect is a new radio series, produced by Maria Bartolo and CR’s Eliza Williams, which is airing on Resonance FM, London’s art/experimental radio station. The shows aim to explore the complex relationship between art and music and take the form of a series of conversations between artists, musicians, writers, designers, DJs and music video directors.
The shows go out on Resonance FM (104.4 FM or online at www.resonancefm.com) and we’ll also be bringing you transcripts of highlights from the shows on the CR blog.
On today’s Subway Sect, Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes was in conversation with artist Jim Lambie. Lambie and Innes are old friends, having both grown up in Glasgow, and they discuss the impact the city has had on them and the experience of working together on the cover for Primal Scream’s Dirty Hits, as well as their mutual love of junk shops and eBay. The interview was recorded in Primal Scream’s studio earlier this year.

Enjoy This Hell

It’s a rare thing to enter a contemporary art gallery and hear people giggling, but David Shrigley’s show of new work at Stephen Friedman Gallery is likely to have you chuckling even before you’ve opened the gallery door. Facing out into the street is a new sculpture by Shrigley, of a delicate taxidermied kitten holding up a placard proclaiming “I’m Dead”. The artwork sets the tone for the show, which contains Shrigley’s usual mix of humour and pathos.

Kate Moross

Designer, illustrator, record label owner: the astonishingly precocious Kate Moross has achieved more at 21 than many will in a lifetime

January 2008

1 Hans Brinker campaignWith all this talk of saving the planet it’s good to see that some people have been quietly operating on reduced carbon emissions for years – even if they didn’t quite realise it at the time. Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker Hotel, typically candid about the lack of luxury that awaits guests inside, has […]

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