2020 gets a new, leaner calendar design

Christopher Doyle’s new calendar design for 2020 chops out four months in a bid to reflect how life has been put on hold during the pandemic

2020 calendar Christopher Doyle

Like most of us, you’ve probably been asking yourself where the last few months went. Without everyday rituals, the concept of time has lost much of its distinction: before the full extent of the pandemic became clear, many of us still naïvely filled in our calendars and schedules, clinging onto the last remnants of a social life. By now, we will mostly have admitted defeat.

In an attempt to capture how daily life has been disrupted during Covid-19, Australian designer Christopher Doyle has created a minimal calendar with the months of March through to June removed. The dates resume from July (Doyle himself concedes this may be slightly premature), by which point many nations will have already emerged from lockdowns.

2020 calendar Christopher Doyle

Of course, life hasn’t simply been put on hold throughout the last four months. While the pandemic has upturned the plans that usually make it onto our calendars, there will have been significant personal moments taking place throughout and in wider societal terms, the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests have been taking place around the world.

However, viewed in a more light-hearted manner, the calendar does serve as a fitting reminder of the disruption Covid-19 has caused to the everyday, and how 2020 has already proven itself to be a year like no other – one many might prefer to erase entirely.

Proceeds from the sale of the calendars is going to Project 0, an initiative supporting women in Australia affected by gender inequality and family violence.

Christopher Doyle’s 2020 Revised Edition calendar is available here