Illustrator 22mm.t plays with pastel colours in her charming images

With a degree in visual communication, the illustrator uses her skills to create bright, happy images that capture jolly characters and her love of food

Based in Thailand, 22mm.t (aka Titiporn Klintachote) says she often adopts a “cute” aesthetic for her work with the addition of pastel colours, charming smiley faces and an abundance of food. 

“I’ve loved drawing since I was young. Every picture my dad took of me is always me holding a pen and my house was full of my paintings,” she says. “So when I was in high school I was certain I wanted to learn more about the arts and so I decided to study communication design at university.” 

All images: 22mm.t

Having graduated a couple of years ago, 22mm.t says the skills she took from her time there, such as sculpting, crafting and painting, still help with her commissions today. On top of personal projects, the illustrator has a steady stream of client work having created work for Asics, online payment platform Alipay, Tipco juices and a local nail studio. 

I really enjoy commissions when the client lets me do it in my own way,” explains 22mm.t. “They just give me the concept so I can fully express it, and then I love getting feedback from them.” 

Reminiscent of the googly faces New-York illustrator Lauren Martin creates, 22mm.t is more digital in her approach and she typically starts an illustration by thinking about her colour combinations, with pink being a particular favourite.

I really enjoy drawing pictures of food and people and characters in my imagination,” she says. “I also love to draw eyes and cute faces.” 

Though she’s confident in her illustration work, next up for 22mm.t is to tackle animation to allow her to broaden the types of projects she’s able to work on. “I can’t do animation, it’s very challenging, but I am trying to learn,” she says. “Right now, I can only do small animations, and never much longer than 30 seconds.” 

Cheery in tone without being overly saccharine, 22mm.t wants people to feel joy when they look at her illustrations. “And I hope my work can heal them on a bad day,” she says.