2823 Text Messages and 60 Postcards

Last year, New York-based designer Nicholas Feltron took 2721 photos (5.8% of which were posted on Flickr), played 26,059 tracks in iTunes, had 859.5 drinks (293 of them being Stella Artois) while visiting 94 New York bars and read 3761 book pages

Furthermore, he discovered his first grey hair on 20 June, made 16 trips to museums, killed four plants (one cactus, two bamboo and one strawberry) and considers Battles, on Warp Records, to be the best new artist of 2006.

Why do we know all this? Because Feltron reveals all in his very own Annual Report – a ten-page, self-published booklet. Feltron’s desire to document his life began in 2004. The following year, he produced an online report to summarise his activities in 2005. Now, thanks to detailed calendar entries made throughout the year, we can trace everything he got up to last year.

No detail is too trivial as Feltron details pretty much everything he’s done or consumed in the last 12 months. Animals eaten, most played mixes, miles run, countries visited, text messages sent, DJ sets played – you name it, he’s logged it and produced a pie chart or statistic to represent it.

Yes, it’s anal, but Feltron’s annual report is a thing of beauty and there’s tongue-in-cheek humour here in abundance too. Days on jury duty: five. Criminals convicted: nil.



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