7-Eleven in Sweden has created a limited edition pyjama range

The clothing, which features the brand’s distinctive colours, aims to promote its all-day breakfast offering

Created by ad agency Åkestam Holst, the pyjamas come in two sizes – seven and eleven (see what they’ve done there?), which equate to medium and large.

With many parts of Europe still in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and working from home, branded pyjamas make perfect sense for today’s world, as does the option for an all-day breakfast. The pyjamas, which feature stripes in 7-Eleven’s familiar orange, green and white, are currently on sale in its stores in Sweden.

Branded clothing is definitely having a moment within marketing of late, with 7-Eleven’s collection joining other examples including streetwear from Ikea and the recent Sickwear collection from cough medicine brand Mucinex, which launched via a fashion show on YouTube and sold out within 24 hours.

It is not 7-Eleven and Åkestam Holst’s first foray into limited edition clothing, however: in 2019, it released a Christmas jumper to be worn by staff, which featured technology that could supposedly track the local mood depending on the weather, traffic and social media posts, and offer customers a discount on the store’s saffron-buns if things were looking bleak. The pyjamas, by contrast, seem a far more practical and comfortable option.