960 pieces of vinyl

For Benga’s new video for I Will Never Change, 960 separate pieces of vinyl were carefully measured, cut, and then finally animated. The result is a real-life waveform…

For Benga’s new video for I Will Never Change, 960 separate pieces of vinyl were carefully measured, cut, and then finally animated. The result is a real-life waveform.

Directed by Us, which consists of Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor, the first task for the pair was calculating exactly how many records per second would be needed. The process of readying the vinyl for filming took seven full working days, which including measuring and cutting each individual piece, as well as hand labelling, numbering and then finally polishing.

“To animate the wave form, we built it and then carefully removed each individual record. This had to be done very gently as any shift in the position of the sculpture would result in the failure of the animation and as we had to literally destroy each piece of vinyl to get it off, there was only one chance to get it right. Once the sculpture was finally built, the animation process took about 30 hours.”

There are some nice behind-the-scenes photos below as well, taken by Ben Jacobs.

Director: Us
Production company: A+



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