Carolyn Dailey

Carolyn Dailey founded Creative Entrepreneurs to help creatives turn their ideas into successful businesses. Launched in 2016, it started out as a website gathering business advice and now offers training courses, events and a membership scheme. Dailey previously spent two decades with entertainment giant Time Warner, helping HBO, CNN, Warner Bros. and Time Inc. expand […]

Rama Gheerawo

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at London’s Royal College of Art focuses on how design can address society’s toughest issues, ranging from ageing and healthcare to seeing how new forms of technology such as AI can benefit humanity. In his work, Gheerawo looks at how design can instigate positive change in individuals and organisations, […]

Perri Lewis

It’s become a truism that education for the creative community is ripe for disruption, but relatively few genuine alternatives have emerged so far. Mastered is one of the more intriguing. Its model, which so far has been primarily targeted at fashion, revolves around high-quality online and one-to-one learning experiences for professionals, devised in collaboration with […]

Nelly Ben Hayoun

Nelly Ben Hayoun has teamed up with WeTransfer, Village Underground and the Sand-berg Instituut to launch University of the Under-ground: a free MA programme for designers who want to change the world. Students will learn how to design events and experiences that can “support social dreaming, social actions and power shifts within institutions, companies and […]


Bedford, Bedfordshire