A career in fonts

It’s January, and time for clear out. For our design correspondent Daniel Benneworth-Gray this means tackling the reams and reams of fonts that are clogging up his computer. Surprisingly, the job turns into something of a trip down memory lane

I never thought this day would come, but I have far too many fonts. For years I’ve gone by the simplistic philosophy that more is better, and I’ve kept throwing them into my computer, foolishly hoping they’d arrange themselves into a wonderfully diverse library; a larder of the finest, freshest typographic ingredients.

Sure, it takes an age to find what I’m looking for, but look at all these wonderful options! So many options!

This laissez-faire approach has turned a useful resource and an essential stage of the design process into a dreaded, interminable scroll. For too long I’ve simply accepted this as part of the process, a necessary chore, but I’ve finally decided to give my Font Book a spring clean, curate it down to an efficient list of those I actually use. Time to disable some fonts.