A design system for Sainsbury’s

Luna combines both visual guidelines and design solutions for common tasks across Sainsbury’s digital products and services. What are the benefits and challenges of introducing such a design system?

Developed over the last two years by Sainsbury’s digital experience team, initially working in collaboration with design studio AllofUs, Luna provides the retailer’s designers, developers and product teams with a comprehensive kit of parts for the creation of digital products and services. Now used across the business, including for Sainsbury’s self-service checkouts, ecommerce apps and corporate website, it aids consistency and helps the retailer deliver on its commitments to accessibility, specifically around typography size, legibility, colour contrast and touch friendliness. The system also cuts down on the duplication of tasks, freeing up the time of designers and developers.

Head Of Digital Experience Charlotte Briscall and Design Director Tom Lancaster talk us through the reasons for introducing the system, the challenges of getting support for it from within the business, and the benefits it brings. They also offer some advice for any in-house designers thinking of introducing a similar system.