A hirsute pursuit

Quite simply, Magic Beard by Ben Garvin is one fantastic beard-based animation

Quite simply, Magic Beard by Ben Garvin is one fantastic beard-based animation…

By day Garvin is an award-winning photojournalist for the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota. But when not taking great pictures, he’s having more fun with a beard that I thought was actually possible.

Apparently, Garvin knew he was on to a winner with his animated antics when he showed his film to his seven year-old son, who – bless – promptly had an appreciative accident.

Garvin writes: “I built this stop motion video over time – lots of time – with an iPhone app called Stop Motion Studio (there are similar apps for Android). I edited it further in Adobe Premiere Pro on my PC by syncing it to music.”

Ah the music – it’s The Smiler by the Zonophone Concert Band from 1907. Noted via boingboing.net.

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