A Honda full of hipsters, and two new music videos

Hipsters in Hondas, forced smile weirdness, and animal photofit. All in one blog post!

Hipsters don’t merely congregate in East London. No, siree. They can be found, usually in cities, all around the world and, truth be told, they tend to look exactly the same as they do here in London – as this following series of Australian Honda ads demonstrates rather neatly – if not a little scarily.

Note the plaid shirts, cardigans, facial hair, knitting needles, old school technologies and, but of course, the fixed gear bike. And then note the Australian accents – as the ads all beg the question: How much hipster can you pack in a Jazz? Whether the Honda Jazz will take over as the hipsters main mode of transport here in London seems dubious. However, we shall train our eyes on the streets and public byways of Shoreditch, Hoxton and London Fields, and wait to see what happens…

OK, some new music vids… First up is Colonel Blimp director Carl Burgess’ strange new video for Drugs by Ratatat.

Brilliantly, Burgess used only stock video footage from Getty Images to make the entire film (which he edited himself). Alongside the painful footage of ‘actors’ experiencing various emotional states, some post production trickery adds just the right amount of weirdness to leave you thinking “what the heck was that all about?”

There’s also an interesting Q&A with Burgess, discussing the making of the video, at fastcodesign.com.

Director: Carl Burgess / MoreSoon
Production company: Colonel Blimp
Commissioner: Ratatat
Label: XL Recordings

And here (above) is the directorial debut of graphic design studio Non-Format – in the form of the video for track Even Your Friend by The Chap

Photo imagery by Non-Format and Bigstock.com

Directed by Non-Format

Label: Lo Recordings

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