A liquid crystal display

Prismatica is a new project by Kit Webster in which a series of pyramid-shaped crystals are fixed to an LCD screen and ‘mapped’ with a geometric animation

Prismatica is a new project by artist Kit Webster in which a series of pyramid-shaped crystals are fixed to an LCD screen and ‘mapped’ with a geometric animation…

Webster uploaded two minutes worth of footage from the new work to Vimeo (the excellent Triangulation blog picked up on it, the artist also uploaded it to the CR Feed) and it’s a treat. In essence, an animated digital pattern is mapped to the vertices of the crystals, Webster explains, so that each one is illuminated individually and in formation.

“The animations are further refracted through the geometry of the crystals in accordance with the shifting perspective of the observer,” says the Melbourne-born artist, “which in turn alters the way the illuminations appear and interact with reflections of surrounding lights within the space.” Prismatica apparently carries on from his visual and perceptual experiments with “immersive installations”.

There’s an interview with Webster over at madmapper.com, including details of his projection mapping work (his Dataflux 0.1 piece from 2009, is shown below). More of his work is at kitwebster.com.

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