A look back at Britain’s black communities in the 70s

Charity Autograph has teamed up with Studiocanal to put on a free exhibition of work by 20th century black photographers to celebrate the release of Idris Elba’s first film as a director, Yardie

Photography agency Autograph was founded in London in 1988, with the aim of supporting and nurturing black photographic practices in the UK. Based out of a small office above Bon Marché in Brixton and known at the time as the Association of Black Photographers, over the last two decades Autograph has put on a regular programme of exhibitions and events at different galleries and public spaces.

At the same time, the agency has also been publishing various monographs, newspapers and essay collections, and building up its own permanent photographic collection by black creatives. Autograph became a registered charity in 2007 and moved to its now permanent home at Rivington Place in Shoreditch, east London.


London Bridge