A look inside the slick corporate offices of 1970s America

A new book by photographer Susan Ressler takes us inside the offices of 1970s America, and reveals the shiny bastions to corporate glory that existed in the decade.

slick corporate offices of 1970s America
System Development Corporation, © Susan Ressler from the book Executive Order: Images of 1970’s Corporate America

These sleek monuments to capitalism were all about beautiful furniture, winding spiral staircases, big bulky computers, swish office toys and swisher office workers; and it’s a rare treat to see them captured as brilliantly as they are by Susan Ressler.

A new tome published by Daylight Books, Executive Order: Images of 1970s Corporate America, presents her photographs in all their monochrome glory. You can almost smell the polish and the cigarette smoke in her images, offering peeks inside board rooms, private offices and lobbies; and in doing so, opening doors into the world of the booming businesses of corporate America.



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